The Top Of Africa is Eco-friendly sustainable tourism project a joint idea from Tanzanian – Sifuel Moshy mountaineering and medical knowledgeable guide and an enthusiast of Africa – Andrzej Gutowski. Our adventure began a long time ago, in the Barranco camp, on the southern slopes of the Kilimanjaro massif where Sifuel led national park team on rescue and environmental aspects, relation continued incessantly until today.

What do we do? In a nutshell: we realize the dream of climbers from all over the world wishing to see Hemingway’s famous “snows of Kilimanjaro“, a dream of an adventure of a lifetime in the heart of Africa, a dream of welcoming sunrise on the “Roof of Africa.

Hence, the name Top Of Africa became from trekking on Kilimanjaro which is a leitmotif of our company.

There are 6 routes heading up Kilimanjaro and 2 for descending except Marangu route using the same way up and down, We offer 3 different routes that we believe are the essence of beautiful views, abundant nature, and a fascinating struggle with the mountain and, of course, with yourself, to choose from. These routes are: Machame (once called “the whiskey route”) before Umbwe renamed, Rongai route , and the longest Lemosho route.

But Top Of Africa is not just for Kilimanjaro trekking enthusiasts, still we offer a trip to subequatorial Mt. Kenya, the smaller brother of Kilimanjaro – Mt. Meru, and especially the beautiful Ngorongoro crater highlands trekking which illuminates spectacular climb to Ol Doinyo Lengai – the Masai Mountain of God.

We conduct our wildlife safaris with a special 4×4 safari fleet with hatched / popped up roof, guaranteed window seat to allow excellent game viewing together with our professional cooks and experienced camping crew, we are excited and fully prepared to offer an excellent service, high standard camping equipment, and show you the authentic African nature, wildlife and traditions, before leaving you to the to the famous “spice island”, Zanzibar has historic capital, spice gardens, and idyllic white beaches will be a real respite from the hardships of trekking and safari to total relaxation and sun bathing.

Besides trekking and safaris in East African Mountains and National Parks, we have had plenty of exposure to various of the beaten paths and local indigenous ethnic groups (like the Hadzabe tribe, that lives at shore Lake Eyasi), the Maasai people around Ngorongoro area, not to mention mixed culture in Mto wa mbu area. These tribes differ not only due to the area they inhabit, but mainly for traditions, clothing, cuisine and beliefs.

We are truly knowledgeable when it comes to lakes too: Lake Turkana “desert emerald” and its multitude of ethnic tribes, Lake Nyasa Bays, Lake Tanganyika (the world’s longest fresh water lake and second deepest lake in the world “Max. Depth: 1,470 m /4,820 ft.”), Lake Natron and Lake Victoria which is the biggest lake in Africa with and second one in the world, after lake superior which found between Canada and USA, it occupies a shallow water depression in Africa with Size of 26823 square miles (69,484 square km), depth is 90 meters, water volume of the lake is 2,424 km cubic, the basin area covers is 92,240 square miles (238,900 km). Lake Victoria has more than 200 fish species.

Although our specialty is trekking and safaris in national parks, my experience includes historical sites such as Olduvai gorge,  the cradle of mankind, where in 1959 anthropologist Dr. Louis and Mary Leakey found the nearly 2-milions years old remain thought to be an ape- like ancestor of modern human, Laetoli foot prints, Engaruka ruins and so many.

Please feel free to book us if you need any advice on how to customize the tour that you are interested in.

We invite you to East Africa for the greatest adventure.

Karibu sana.

Top OF Africa Team

Our crew

Ally Swalehe

Ally Swalehe

Chief guide

Elisante John

Elisante John


Ewa Godwin Moshi

Ewa Godwin Moshi

Safari guide

Yassin Juma

Yassin Juma

Cook&summit suport

Guest reviews

M.: My favorite spots were giraffes nearby Lake Manyara and lions in the Crater.
J.: And mine – walking with the Maasai and then barbecue in Mto Wa Mbu.

Milena and Jędrek, July 2014

Visiting remote but really beautiful and fascinating Lake Turkana region was a great experience for us. We had an exceptional opportunity to watch local people day-to-day life in such rough and arid environment, to learn about their habits and culture and even to swim in Lake Turkana.

Aleksandra and Wiola, January 2013

I went to Tanzania to view beautiful landscapes and wildlife, however meeting local tribes of Maasai and Hadza and learning about their life, was unexpected additional highlight of the trip.

Kamila, January 2012

I have made a great trip to climb mt Kili with Sifuel and his team. Next to being a very nice guy, he has also shown to be an amazing expert in making these kinds of climbs. I would certainly recommend him!

Pablo Chabot

Our team of 8 people summited Mount Kilimanjaro with Sifuel’s team on the Lemosho route in seven days. We not only made it to the top; we all reached it at the same time, safely and without incident. Our team ranged in age from 30-60, we had athletes and non-athletes alike.

Sifuel managed to plan our final trek by staggered the departure times from Barafu Camp for each individual on the last stage to match their climbing abilities allowing us to all meet at Stella point. From here, we climbed the last hike to Uhuru peak together!

The trip was one of the greatest things I will accomplish in my life. Without Sifuel’s highly experienced team and the care he took to keep us well fed and rested, it may not have been as successful for all or our team members. My wife and I can’t wait for our two daughters to be old enough to return to climb again with Sifuel and his team.

Tanzania is a great country to visit, many wonders to see and great people to learn from. If you plan to hike to the highest point in Africa, I highly recommend Sifuel and his company, Top of Africa Trekking Company, to get you there safely. Sifuel and Top of Africa Trekking Company will ensure you truly enjoy and succeed at this incredible adventure.

Julian Fisher

Sifuel runs an efficient trekking business that understands the needs of the customer. His expertise and guidance assures that every customer gets to the summit. Very helpful and encouraging those that find the going a bit tough. The personal touch and attention to detail makes his treks an adventure never to forget!


Johan Venture

Top of Africa is a company headed up by Sifuel Moshi, our team of 5 from Aussie (WA & Vic) had the most brilliant, successful and memorable 7 days on Mt Kilimanjaro in August 2012 and then went on Safari for 8 days. The quality of the information, the friendliness and support of this companies staff was excellent, I would happily recommend Top of Africa to anyone wishing to have that special African experience.

Jeff Bowman

For all of us Kilimanjaro trek was by far physically demanding and emotionally rewarding thing we have ever done. Thanks to Sifuel and the whole Top of Africa team, we got a chance to reach the top – which all of us did.


Aleksandra, Tina, Hubert and Wojtek, February 2010

Sifuel is the best mountain guide that I have ever seen all over the word. Sifuel is a safe and strong guide with a very good knowledge about the top of Africa. He has a warm hospitality, with the particularity to be very efficient to plan and organize the logistic. His professional profile was really appreciate. He is a warm and serious person, and speaks good English. I recommend him for any businesses or to manage team. He is a confidence person.

David Martinez