Place you want to be


Unique architecture

Becoming one with nature


Crystal water

Perfect place for scuba diving


Sun and fun

Relaxing time on the beach


Several islands lying off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean – The Zanzibar Archipelago. Must see places.

Stone Town

It is cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar – known as Old Town. Its magic because of labyrint of narrow, twisting streets, bustling bazars and grand Arab mansion. Zanzibar Port and fish market, “Big Tree”, slave market and Hamammi Persian Baths as a contrast, are all worth seeing.

Dolphin Tours

The fishermen of Kizimkazi have developed a veritable dolphin-spotting industry in the protected waters of Menai Baay Conservation Area. You have a chance to swim with them which is the experience of a lifetime!

Spice Tour

See, touch, smell and taste of Zanzibar’s famous spices, followed by a slap-up meal. Many herbs and spices have medical properties, you will get fascinating description of thier uses, with plenty opportunities for smelling and tasting.

Beaches, diving and snorkeling

Zazibar fringing coral reefs offer exhilarating scuba diving annd snorkelling with an abudance of colorful and sometimes heart stopping marine life to be seen with a short boat ride of most beaches. If you prefere lazy moving, you will always find a peace of shadow under the palm to relax on the beach.

Jozani Forest

Jozani is at heart of Zanzibar’s first national park. For a closer look at the forest’s creepy – crawly denizens dry as snakes and chameleons. It’s home to a variety of wildlife like Sykes’ blue monkeys, red colobus monkeys, bush pigs and many others. Typical thicket fauna will surprise you.

Prison Island

It’s a small island 5 km of Stone Town, popular and enjoyable and cheap way of getting out of town. There is beautiful beach, good snorkeling on the shallow fringing reef, a nineteenth century ruin, patches of coral rag forest and the giant tortoises.

In the shadow of the palms

Pleasure for all your tastes

Hotel sea view

Taste cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices

Meet local people who live their lives harmoniously with nature

Epic day of aquatic activities

The view walking along the sea

See the giant tortoises

Zanzibar island – an ideal location for snorkelling and scuba diving

After exciting Kilimajaro and Safari trek – time to rest.

Zanzibar it’s perfect vacations ending!

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