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DAY 1:

Kilimanjaro International Airport – Hotel
Distance – 50 km

You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel in Arusha. After a short briefing, you will have time to prepare and rest before the trek.
Jomo Kenyatta international Airport (Nairobi) – Hotel in Arusha
Distance – 300 km
We can organize shuttle bus from JKIA to your hotel in Arusha. After a short briefing, you will have time to prepare and rest before the trek.

DAY 2:

Rongai Gate (1950 m/6,398 ft) -Simba Camp (2696 m/8,658 ft)
Habitat – mountain forest; hiking time – 5 hours; distance – 8km

We will transfer you to Marangu Park gate (135 km) for some formalities, then drive to Rongai Gate (65 km) and Nale Moru – an attractive, wooden village – for registration and the climb begins after quick lunch. The small winding path crosses maize and potatoes fields, pine forest and finally into rain forest. After climbing 1,5 hour across the forest, you will get to a small rise that affords a great view of the town of Rongai in Kenya. You will stay overnight at Simba Camp.

DAY 3:

Simba Camp (2696 m/8,658 ft) – Kikelewa Cave (3600m/11,647 ft)
Habitat – moorland; hiking time – 7-9 hours; distance – 11, 7 km

The trail continues up towards Kibo, passing Second Cave (3450 m) 5 km from Simba Camp, the trail continues across the moorland and to Kikelewa Cave (6,7 km). During this distance you will have beautiful views of Kibo and the eastern ice fields on the crater rim. Overnight is spent at Kikelewa Cave, located in a sheltered valley from where you can admire a spectacular sunset.
“5 days” trekkers will go straight to 3rd cave camp for dinner and overnight, next day continuing to School hut 4km at (4750m) for night summit attempt.

DAY 4:

Kikelewa Cave (3600 m/11,647 ft) – Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330 m/14,143 ft)
Habitat – Alpine desert; hiking time – 2-3 hours; distance -4, 5 km

Although it is a shorter distance, it is steeper and the path rises exponentially. However, this part of Kilimanjaro is breathtaking. Hot lunch will be taken at Mawenzi Tarn Camp, situated beneath the towering spires of Mawenzi ridge. You will have the afternoon hike for exploring the neighboring area and acclimatization to 4500 m. Then back to camp for dinner and overnight.

DAY 5:

Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330 m/11,143 ft) – School hut Campsite (4800 m/15,487 ft)
Habitat – alpine desert; hiking time – 4, 5 -6hours; distance – 10, 5 km

On this day, we cross the “Saddle”, the alpine desert that lies between Mawenzi and Kibo, you can admire amazing views of both.
You will reach School hut Campsite at the foot of the Kibo crater wall where a hot lunch will be waiting for you.
After afternoon tea you’ll have short hike higher to 4900m/16,073ft which helps to acclimatize then back to camp for early dinner around 17:00 to allow time for sleep before the final ascent at midnight or time your guide decide exactly to start.

Extra day for better acclimatization (going high sleeping lower) from Mawenzi tarn hut at 4330m/14,143ft to 3rd cave 9kms at 3950m /12,960ft for hot lunch and overnight before School hut at 4800m/15,487ft the next day.

DAY 6:

SUMMIT ATTEMPT, School Hut Campsite (4800 m/15,487 ft) – Uhuru Peak (5895 m/19,340 ft) – Kibo Hut (4700 m/15,343 ft)
Habitat – stone screed and ice- capped summit; hiking time – 6-8 hours to Uhuru Peak, 6-7 hours to descent to Kibo hut camp; distance – 7 km ascent, 6 km descent

Your guide will decide what time to get up for light breakfast, and then you begin your ascent for the summit. The first section of the trail consists of a rocky path to the Hans Meyer Cave (5150 m / 17,041ft) known as a good resting spot. Then, the path zigzags up to Gillman’s point (5681m/18,726ft) situated on the crater rim. Here the trail becomes less steep and continues along the crater rim to Stella point at 5752m / 18,876ft to Uhuru Peak – the highest point of Kilimanjaro!
After summit you will descent to Kibo Hut for hot lunch dinner and overnight. Another choice could be crater camping option in which the next day you will descend to Horombo for dinner and overnight following next day to Marangu exit gate.

DAY 7:

Kibo hut (4700 m/15,343 ft) – Mandara hut (2720 m/8,995 ft)
Habitat- rain forest; Hiking time 5-6 Hours; Distance 20km

This option we offer when Marangu route is not busy so you need to confirm your climb 90 days before you arrive and extra hut fee. It offer an excellent descending day forgetting the toughness of summit challenge, slowly getting to Horombo hut 3720m / 12,279ft for hot lunch then Mandara hut for dinner and overnight.

DAY 8:

Mandara Hut (2720m/8,995 ft) – Marangu Gate (1980m/6,129 ft)
Hiking time 5- 6 hours, distance – 19 km

Leaving the Horombo Hut and passing Mandara Hut, you will return to the Marangu exit Gate. There, all of the successful climbers receive their summit certificates and drive back to your hotel for splendid celebration and time to rest ready for safari for those have time.

DAY 9:

Arusha – Nairobi or Kilimanjaro airport

Depending on your flight details, your shuttle bus will pick you from your hotel to Nairobi for your way back home.

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